What Is Final Expense


It costs money when you die. Final expense policies protect your family from debt.

Final expenses are the costs associated with death.

Are you going to leave your family with this burden?

payments will never increase
Casket & professional services
payments will never increase
Transportation services
payments will never increase
Clothing & floral expenses
payments will never increase
Monument or marker
payments will never increase
Final medical bills & payments
payments will never increase
Newspaper articles

These (and more!) are the expenses associated with the death of a family member. These final expenses are why you must have a plan in place. Don’t leave your loved ones in debt.

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That’s how much the average funeral costs today— and it’s only increasing!

With Senior Life, you can protect your family from these expenses.**

At the time of your death, your Senior Life policy will protect your family from debt.

At the time of your death, once the necessary paperwork has been filed, your benefit will be paid out to your family. This is the last gift that you will be able to offer for your loved ones.

As long as you’re between the ages of 0-85, we can find the perfect plan for you, regardless of health condition. Your payments are locked in for life, there aren’t any medical exams or bloodwork, and we have a reputation of paying our claims within 24 hours.

† Issuance of insurance is based on answers to health questions on the application.

payments will never increase
Payments will never increase
payments will never increase
Benefits will never decrease
payments will never increase
No bloodwork or medical exams*
payments will never increase
Most claims paid within 24 hours
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Are you ready to protect your family?


*This national average is taken from the National Funeral Directors Association.

**This life insurance does not specifically cover funeral goods or services, and may not cover the entire cost of your funeral at the time of your death. The beneficiary of this life insurance may use the proceeds for any purpose, unless otherwise directed.